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  1. Community carpentry: There will be talk of acquiring the necessary equipment to start a small carpentry workshop to manufacture chairs, tables, shelves etc, in order to equip 6 primary   During manufacturing, the carpenter will be able to train 5 members of the educational community including 3 men and 2 women to ensure the sustainability of the project after funding. This centre facilitates access to education for children at risk of exclusion from the village of Birava and especially girls.
  2. AMKA program Social and scholarship credit: In this program, we work with the group of rural women with a great weight of family responsibilities (MAMA MJASIRI in English: Brave women) and youth in south kivu for contributing to reduction immigration flow (NAWEZA= I can). The idea is, first start training them on: personal development and micro entrepreneurship, financial Education and to support their stat up micro project,  accompanying them in order to improve their family income to get their children educated in a country where the state does not take care of free children’s education. And help youth to improve their talents entrepreneurship vision (youth for Africa).
  3. escola que construeix la igualtat de gènere(catalán)

Els principals objectius del complex esoclar AGANZE, són facilitar l’accés a l’educació formal (primària i secundària) i professional dels infants més vulnerables (infants orfes, infants que viuen en el si de famílies sense recursos econòmics suficients per escolaritzar-los…), particularment de les nines i estimular la seva permanència al escola fins a completar l’educació primària, com a mínim, i també l’educació secundària i promocionar la formació profesional, en el marc d’una formació integral de tota la comunitat educativa (alumnes, mares i pares, educadors i també les veïnes i veïns de l’entorn), i el compromís social, l’educació en Drets de la Persona Humana, la perspectiva de gènere, el respecte a la natura, la cultura (música, danses, poemes, …)

Les necessitats del centre son multiples i a tots els nivells : suport al funcionament, infrasfructures, equipements mobiliari, materials infromatics, materials petagogics, escolaritzar una nena o un nin i…

S’ha de tenir en compte que, la majoria dels infrastructures estan fetes amb trocs i branques d’arbre i, a vegades, amb planxes de fusta. La consistència d’aquestes construccions és molt feble i dificulta la utilització de tecnologies de l’educació apropiades per facilitar els aprenentatges

Espot collaborar  puantualement o cada més de cualsevol cantitat a un de les necessitat descrits posteriorement

That way, we will all have contributed to social justice, Equal Opportunities and to the reduction of poverty with positive impact on migration flows, all of which we suffer the consequences of, by keeping young people in school, and by sensitizing them to the drama of migratory adventures through our own experience and through a program of cross-curricular education and complementary to the national program (gender, immigration and environment),

This is why it is also important to promote multidimensional activities, even if at a small scale, to create opportunities to improve the living conditions of people for the education of children and young people, especially for the economic emancipation of these brave women who has big family responsibilities, most of them also victims of Masclist and sexual violence,

We warmly thank all those there who have supported us; our gratitude will always be immense. Our center will always be open, for those who would like to visit the projects or do volunteer work on the ground and we promise to work hard not only to achieve our objective.

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